The Corruption Stops Here.

I pledge, me and my vote are not for sale.



The Lok Sabha Election 2014 comes at a time when the populace of the country is revolting against corruption. It is time we regain and restore the sanctity of the symbol of our sovereignty in a democratic nation – the vote. Join us!

If you are a voter: Spread the message through social media, artwork, theatre, sports, processions and cycling rallies. Be a volunteer to the cause and have local events at your college, office, neighbourhoods and report on them. Know more here.

If you are a candidate: Send us a video/photograph of you along with a short statement taking the pledge - “I will NOT BUY your Vote - I will EARN it.” Know more here.

This campaign is hosted by the Grama Panchayat Hakkottaya Andolana (GPHA; Movement for Self-determination of Local Governments), Karnataka. GPHA has been devoted to securing and safeguarding the provisions of democratic decentralisation and devolution of power enshrined in the Constitution of India and has worked tirelessly to ensure clean elections at all tiers of governance for the last seven years.

Guidelines of the Campaign


1. This campaign/protest is not linked to any political party or faction.

2. All protests shall be non-violent and peaceful.

3. There shall be no harm to any individual or damage to property.

4. No untoward actions or language shall be used at any time.

5. No unnecessary inconvenience shall be caused to the general public.

6. All those participating in the campaign shall conduct themselves with utmost decorum and dignity.


Join us Today and see the Difference we can make Together


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